In the Mix: Session Victim B2B on three Decks!

session victim

Toller Back-to-Back-Mix von den beiden Jungs von Session Victim, für deren ebenfalls großartiges Album „The Haunted House of House“ ich letztes Jahr mal ein begeistertes Review geschrieben habe. Also, wer sich für ne knappe Stunde Sample lastigen und Disco trunkenen House erwärmen kann, der sollte den Airpod 21 hier nicht auslassen!


Die Selbstbeschreibung sagt’s eigentlich schon, die Kiste ist mit viel DJ-Liebe, künstlerischer Hingabe und neurotischem Perfektionszwang gemixt:

„Playing at a party is a whole different situation then recording a mix at home.

As Session Victim we are DJing together now for about 4 years. When we both started to DJ individually…around 1997…we were mostly occupied with recording mixtapes. Trying to impress each other, very soon the standard went up, a third deck was incorporated or 50 records had to be squeezed into 30 minutes.

So basically it kept getting harder to meet our own goals when recording a mix, sometimes it took weeks to finish after major frustration. Still we both have recorded countless mixes of all styles in the last years.

In the club we are playing records back-to-back entirely as this a similar competitive aspect as back then, when we tried to record the better mixtape. We never know exactly which records the other has in his bag. In the end, it’s rather about being versatile than just homogenous.

For this mix we wanted to create a snapshot of how a Session Victim DJ set sounds like in the club. During the last months we had few pair of records that felt especially good. We started putting the mix together along these 6 or 7 mixes. Some of these records were dropped in the process and a few new ones went in. We were aiming to not get caught up in endless rehearsing and fine tuning of the mix, rather let the records play for while, but we did not quite succeed with this – its 14 records in 50 minutes….

(recorded with 3 Technics MK2 + Ecler Nuo)“