Große kleine Kunst: The Piggenheim – Ein Museum für und mit Meerschweinchen

Große kleine Kunst: „The Piggenheim“ ist ein Museum für Meerschweinchen mit Meerschweinchen. Klassiker der Kunstgeschichte meerschweinchengerecht aufbereitet.

Die Macherin Teresa Michelle schreibt dazu:

I needed a project I could channel all of my energy into. My boyfriend is in the hospital due to a non-COVID-19-related medical emergency. I can’t visit him and needed to keep busy.

And so I got to work. I’ve recreated some famous works of art, replacing the people with guinea pigs. I drew from my knowledge of art history and previous museum visit experiences. When I was setting up the museum, I kept thinking about the Met in New York City. The creaky hardwood floors and tall ceilings. Heavy gold frames. That’s what I tried to emulate as I created the Piggenheim.

Fotos von imgur (dort gibt es noch ein paar mehr):