Remix my Culture: Luca Stricagnoli – Prodigy on an Acoustic Guitar (Medley)

Tolles Medley von drei Prodigy-Tracks, live gespielt von Luca Stricagnoli zwischen Transportcontainern und mit der Akustikgitarre: Invaders Must Die, Omen und Voodoo People.

“The Prodigy” was shot in Dornstadt, Germany, at the DUSS container depot. It wasn’t easy to record the whole video without any cut because the temperature was -7 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the location is a working area where 41 tons container are constantly moved, and for safety reasons we had to use the rare moments where no containers were being carried over our heads. The track includes three pieces by the English band “The Prodigy”: Invaders Must Die, Omen, Voodoo People (credits below).

[via Kotzendes Einhorn]