Discogs-App für Crate-Digger

Gut eineinhalb Jahre, nachdem Discogs seine API geschlossen hat und damit die innovative Crate Diggin App von iCrates dichtmachen musste, gibt es nun von Discogs eine vergleichbare hauseigene App, die so ziemlich das Gleiche kann wie iCrates. Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt.

Here’s a sneak peak into what you’ll be able to do with the official Discogs App:

Catalog Your Collection

• View and manage your Discogs Collection, including local access to your Collection and Wantlist when you are offline.

• Add and remove items from your Discogs Collection on the go.

• When you are out digging in your local record store, check to see if you already own a record before you buy it.

View Marketplace Pricing

• Access to the Discogs Marketplace price-range right at your fingertips!

• Easily check Marketplace listings for a particular release. Find a deal? You’re just a tap away from completing the sale via the mobile Discogs Marketplace.

Add to your Wantlist

• Track your grail by adding releases to your Wantlist.

• Find a release when you are out digging? Move it from your Wantlist to your Collection.

Discover New Music

• Search the database and discover new music from anywhere!

• Use your phone’s camera to search for a release by the barcode.