In the Mix: R0byn – END (Februar 2022)

R0byn mit einem neuen starken Bassmusic und Dubstep Mix:

Back when Corona was just a name of a spanish beer, a friend of mine suggested that i should play a set of all my favourite tunes from 130-170 bpm in his club, hence the fact that i was DJing for 15 years at that point. Starting with Dubstep i switched to some other styles over the years, so this made sense for me.
That DJ set never happened but the idea was stuck in my head and i was thinking about it from time to time. So here it is: 2 hours of tracks that didn’t leave my record bag/USB stick for a long time or had a big influence on me and my style/DJ sets. From the good old Dubstep days when i started to DJ in 2005/2006 to 130 bpm tracks that won’t fit into one specific genre, the early footwork classics from DJ Rashad to halfstep Drum & Bass and hip hop influenced beats. There’s a good chance you heard these tracks if you ever saw me DJing and i hope you have as much fun listening as i had creating this mix!

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